property/guestroom management

weDoux main’s objective is to rent your accomodation (guest room, flat, house, chalet, parking space, etc…) depending on your availability and conditions you have set.

We manage everything

Web publication, solvency check, check-in and check-out, professional cleaning, home-staging, insurances, key disposal, administration, hire of furnitures/furnitures rental, just relax and optmize your income.

by our side

Before we suggest you a potential guest, we will make sure he is/she is matching the submitted criteria.

In case of litigation and/or conflict, we propose you our assistance to resolve the issue.


We highly recommend to subscribe a household insurance and we accompany you through the full process with the choosen insurance company.

We take care of:

Nous nous occupons de :

  • Visite sur place afin de prendre les renseignements nécessaires à la mise en location.
  • Préparation de la mise en location (home-staging), aménagement optimal, nettoyage, ameublement (sur demande).
  • Prise de photos de l’objet à louer.
  • Fixation du loyer en fonction des prix du marché.
  • Rédaction et publication de l’annonce sur nos divers sites-partenaires.
  • Gestion des demandes.
  • Contrôle de solvabilité et d’identité du demandeur.
  • Etat des lieux d’entrée et remise d’un pack « info for guests » mentionnant tous les renseignements utiles à votre hôte (numéros d’urgence, code Wi-fi, découverte de la région, etc.)
  • Encaissement du loyer.
  • Etat des lieux de sortie.
  • Nettoyage du logement.

A first meeting with you at your place so we know what you want and we have a visual of the place.

Lease preparation (home-staging), optimized agencement, professional cleaning, on demand fixtures adjustment.

Photo shoot of the accomodation.

Lease price determination in line with market price

Avertise your property efficiently on our partner’s website

Demand administration.

Guest identity and solvency check.

Incoming inventory of fixtures and report on property state. Pack called « info for guest » offered to your guest with the necessary useful information (local information, urgency numbers, Wi-Fi password, etc…)

Rent collection.

Check-out inventory of fixtures and report on property state.

Professional cleaning.

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Pack Info For Guests (IFG)

Internal rule

Internet password, domestic appliances use/household appliances use, hours restriction on living areas/shared room, relevant information for proper functioning etc are part of the information to be communicated toweDoux.

Based on these information, weDoux will establish an internal rule that will make part of the IFG pack.


At first meeting it is very important that you communicate us your wishes and any restriction related to your guest such as the age, smoker/non smoker, place restriction, etc…

The more precise wou will be, the better will be the entente/consideration agreed with your guest.


How much is costing our services?

Nothing ! Our fees are related to the lease price only ! You have nothing to do, we manage everything !

How are you paid?

We fix with you the price that you would like to apply based on both market prices and property value dedicated to the rent. Once lease price fixed, we manage everything else.

We transfer the amount of the rent (less our percentage) on your bank account 48 hours after guest checks out.

That’s easy, quick, you have nothing to worry about exception made of using at your convenience this complementary revenue.


You have a property in downtown area or in the countryside, whatever the entire property, or part of it is available. Even if it is large or small, a traveler can be interested in during the time it is unoccupied.
Entrust the management of our professionals’ team. We will make sure to find the traveler who will suit your needs.



You are tenant of your accomodation and you would like to sublet it legally?

We Take Charge Of:
  • Research of a subtenant
  • Guest solvency check
  • How to proceed with your real estate agency
  • Incoming/outgoing inventory of fixtures, report on the property state.
  • Rent collection
  • Sublease contract establishment
  • Potential on-going contract transfer (SI, Swisscom, Internet, etc)
  • Current administration management

Our website is purely informative, we are not a proper estate agency. However if you are looking for an accomodation to sublease, do not hesitate to let us know your desires by contacting us and we should find the best place for you!

*Conformly to article n° 262 of the « Code des Obligations », the subletting is authorized in Geneva if you are likely to return to your own flat.

Art. 262

K. Sublease

1. Tenant can sublet full or part of the accomodation with the owner agreement.

2. Landlord/lessor can refuse the sublease if and only if:

a) tenant refuses to communicate sublet contract/condition;
b) sublet contract/condition, compared to the main lease contract, is abusive;
c) sublet presents for the landlord major issues.

3. tenant is accountable onto the owner/lessor that subtenant will respect the rules mentioned in the main lease contract. Owner/lessor can contact directly the subtenant in order to oblige him to do so.

Conditions générales relatives à la sous-location: Voir la page